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The photographs we reproduce onto canvas are photographs of our world:  holidays, family, children, pets, special occasions, hobbies, work, LIFE!  That’s why the world, ‘your world’ is important to us. 



Jack jumping on beach
Forestry Council certified wood frames

We use 100% cotton canvas and low-solvent inks.

The frames are made from wood certified by the Forestry Council supplied from renewable forestry sources.         

Our electricity is supplied by Ecotricity.



When you receive your canvas by post it will be wrapped in a bubble bag to protect it.  To encourage customers to re-cycle we provide a stamped addressed envelope for you to return the bubble bag back for us to re-use.  For each returned bag PINGOART will donate 10% of the packaging costs to Cancer Research. Simple, but effective. 

Don’t pop too many of the bubbles before you return it! 

We know it’s contagious!

Picture of bubble bag with business cards
"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little" - Edmund Burke

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