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We believe that one of the great things about photographs is that they communicate.  Your photographs tell us about you.  What’s important to you, what you like doing, what your values are and where you went on holiday!

At PINGOART we like communication. So below are a variety of ways in which we welcome you to contact us. 


Holiday picture Land's End 1974

When you order your canvas from PINGOART you are actually dealing with the people who make your canvases.  We appreciate that personal connection and take pride in looking after our customers to the best of our ability.




Phone:  01782 729072

Mob:  07931 249206


Address:  29 Booth Street, Audley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ________ST7 8EP
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"what ever you are ready for is ready for you" - Mark Victor Hansen

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