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  “We asked PINGOART to be involved in the interior design of our new offices in Crewe, Cheshire, by providing canvases to decorate the main office, director’s office and board room, and we are very pleased with the results.  We liked the idea that we could use our own photographs which meant that staff members could contribute to the decoration making it an inclusive team effort.  The canvases are excellent quality and the fact that they are environmentally friendly also appealed to us.  PINGOART offers an excellent service and we would be happy to recommend them." - TOBY CLARKE, Managing Director, Vogelsang

Ann Roach Clinic display

We would love to be involved in helping to design the interior of your work space; to listen to your needs and help produce something truly individual and unique but with the essence of your business at the heart of the design.  When we work with businesses it is important to us to have an ‘inclusive involvement’, so we won’t design what we think you need, we will design what you want.



Part of that inclusiveness is to use employees’ photographs as part of the design.  Imagine walking into work and seeing a canvas of your photograph decorating the reception area for all to see.What a wonderful sense of belonging and value employees would feel.

By using PINGAORT for your display purposes you are strengthening your own standards and values and endorsing our ethos of quality both in design and product.  A wonderful combination for a working partnership.

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"if you're too busy to help those around you succeed, you're too busy" - Bob Moward

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